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I need to do a little maintenance on my wife’s ZR 600. her hand warmer last year was on high and it must have shorted out, because it melted the grip on the left warmer and melted the outer shell of her glove. I need to replace and before I just go buy new heated grips, should I check anything first? Do they just plug in? Is there a certain current they need to be putting out? I would hate to replace the grip and melt another one.

Also the heated thumb element is loose, it looks like on my other zr’s it is held in place some sort of black silicone??? But what should I use to re-secure it? Can I buy a hi temp silicone or glue that will work?

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My brothers 02 600 had the thumb warmer piece come apart also we just ended up using black duct tape and taping it back to its original position and ran a piece over the throttle. With the black tape it's hardly noticeable. I'm thinkin its a common problem now.

As for the hand warmer I don't think I've ever heard of that happening.
I have an 04 F7 EFI. I just put a sno stuff can on it and it sputters mid range...its snappy to 40 then it just sputters out. I put the stock can back on and it goes like hell....any info would be appreciated.
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adhesive silicone May work, but I have had Great luck using ultra hightemp black rtv silicone. not that it gets that hot, just that it seems to stick well. that or I've used permatex 2 part plastic epoxy, but that stuff would be impossible to remove if you ever needed to (you'd just have to buy a new flipper). On the warmers, a bad voltage regulator could do that. but when they go bad they regularly pop most or all of the light bulbs as well. if your bulbs are good, it likely just shorted out on the bar, remove everything on the bars so that you can see the full length of the wire.
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don't laugh but i used shoe-goo on 3 of my cats and it works awesome and you can still service the lever you do not loose any heat either as far as the hand warmer it probably just shorted out to ground just clean your handle bars and check for burn or scoring when replacing heater
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Thanks guys.. It is weird that it still works on low just fine,.. if I am correct, there is another wire from the switch that controls the high temp, so maybe that is shorted out.

I will need to replace it for her this year. Any good tips on where to buy, besides the dealer $60.00 heat tape?
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