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I am just curious if anyone knows the horsepower rating of a stock 2000 ZL 600 EFI and a 1995 ZR 440? Or does anyone know where this info might be compiled and available for viewing? These are the 2 that I own (bought used) and have been curious about the power but have never known.
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the zl should be 110 hp


and the zr --- 68 hp?
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2000 zr's didn't have the power valves. more like 100-105.
no clue on the 440
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00- Zl(EFI)- 105hp,, 95 ZR 440 was probably around 85-90hp range..R2R
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00 ZL/ZR 600 100-105hp

95 ZR 440 less then 80 but more then 68hp

it was a piston port but in higher tune then the reg 440LC which had 68hp

the 96-98 case reed 440 was rated at 90hp according to Cat
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AC listed the 2000 600 EFI at 105hp and the carb at 108hp. No clue on the 440.
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