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hey guys i have a 1996 polaris indy 500 efi and was wondering if you needed a clutch tool to reclutch the secondary?
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Define "reclutch"
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QUOTE (XCR1250 @ Aug 29 2010, 10:33 PM)
Define "reclutch"[/b]
new spring and helix
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Nope. It helps but you dont need it... Unless the clutch is stuck to the shaft then a secondary puller helps...

I wrote this a while back about checking your secondary. Guys please add to it!

Starting with the Secondary clutch you need to take the bolt out that holds it on the shaft (hopefully the clutch isnt rusted on the shaft), Check:
That the shaft isnt rusty
That the key and keyways arent excesivly worn.

Next take the clutch to your work bench, keep downpressure on the helix and take out the snap ring, Make sure:
The helix comes off the shaft (if its hard i like to hold the helix down and sandpaper the shaft a bit)
The shaft isnt rusty,
The helix where it touches the button isnt grooved
The spring isnt broke (realy should be replaced yearly)
The Helix key and Keyway isnt excesivly worn
The buttons arent worn out (they should be replaced anyway { screw a small screw into them and pull them out with vicegrips})

Next pull the sheeves apart and check that the huge washer(s) between the two sheeves isnt disintigraded.

Put everything back in order (i clean everything with hot water and dish detergent and dry very well)( use a LITTLE chassis greese rubbed on the clutch shaft and the jackshaft to keep things moving) ,

Be for you put the snap ring on you have to preload the helix into the clutch. What i do is mark out where the buttons are on the outside of the clutch, then push the helix with the key in the keyway into the clutch a buitt (not touching the buttons) Then i turn the sheaves opposite each other untill the helix reaches a quarter turn (hard to explain!), Then push the helix all the way down (i use a board under my knee) and install a spacer and the snap wring.

Best buttons ive used are Hotseat "supper Slippery" buttons...

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