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Default 2000 Polaris rmk spark issues need help!!!!

I have been having this issue with my 2000 Polaris rmk 700 all season so far and its really getting on my my nerves. It will run mint for about 5 mins then start to run on one cylinder after that. If you let it idle for a second it will come back to two cylinders and run fine for about 15 seconds then go back to one again. I don't think its the coil because its always mag side even when I switch wires and/or plugs. Carbs are spotless and fuel delivery is fine. Only thing left I think is the stator. Please tell me what you guys think it could be we just got pounded with 2 ft of snow in Maine and I'd love to be able to ride it

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Hey there. Before buying a stator test the harness that runs into cdi box for continuity. If that tests good possibly your cdi is going. Just replaced my cdi on 99 700 Sks and fixed my issue. But I didn't test stator first so I'm stuck with a new stator that I can't return.
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Order up a CDI. The stator is just a copper wire spun around a piece of bar. When the magnets in the flywheel rotate over the stator it makes energy. If one side is making enough energy to continue firing then the other side must. The spark plugs fire both at top dead center and bottom dead center. One full revolution and the spark plugs (both of them) spark a total of four times.

You say the fuel delivery system is fine? How did you check?

Not sparking, possibly stator. Sparking sometimes, go for the CDI.
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I just had that simplar problem with my 2000 RMK 700 this weekend. Took it for a 40 mile ride to test jetting (bored it out to a 754) and near the end it would move 10-70 feet and the MAG cylinder would foul out. I also cleaned the carbs and checked the fuel pump; swapped plug wires and no change to that MAG side cylinder. What did you find out?
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I'd take a close look at needle/seat and float pin towers, slop here may cause some weird running issues
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Originally Posted by ivar View Post
I'd take a close look at needle/seat and float pin towers, slop here may cause some weird running issues
Float pins are a big problem area on the Keihin, if bad enough could cause the floats to jam/stick. Also, I've had a bad needle/seat cause a similar issue.
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this thread is a year old ...the guys snow is ...gone ....just sayin
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