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Wondering if anybody had any tips to removing the rear undercarriage on my xcsp. Haven't done this in a long time and think i forgot everything, gonna replace slides and grease. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. If I remember right it's only those four bolts to drop it out?? Once again any advice would be great, thanks.
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take the springs lose and the axle nuts and adjusters and drop the rack done
i can have mine out in 15 20 mins
1997 xc 700
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Remember when putting it back in that ratchet straps are better than having another person to help lol
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Loosen the rear axle bolts and track tension bolts and slide the axle forward before you remove the 4 bolts holding it in.
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and when putting the skid back, make sure that the link @ the front of the rear shock points up, not down.
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Thanks for all the hints, once i started it all came back to me. Biggest pain in the a** was the screw in the slides was stuck, Job took about three hours ( this included dinner and a few runs to the hardware store, and painted the undercarriage and greased EVERYTHING!!).
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