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Default Snow Tracker Steering Stabilizers/Carbides

Well, I have completed my full house by adding an 06 Apex GT to my stable so now I own at least 1 of each of the Big 4 brands.

My questions to you fellow Yamahaulers are these: 1) Anything I should be particularly aware of with this model, things to look out for? 2) Snow Tracker Steering Stabilizers/Carbides. Are they worth the $? $210 for 6 inchers and $230 for 7.5 inchers both from Royal Distributing. Fellow rider has had them for 3 years on his Apex and swears by them? I am looking for any comments, good or bad, and want to know if anyone has them stateside and what they run. Sled currently has 144" studs in it.

I am fairly confident if I fall in love with this sled like I think I may, I will be stretching it to 144" with either an MPI kid or a TracksUSA rail and tail extension kit with a 144" Rip saw or Ice Ripper/XT

Thanks in advance.....
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I have 2 apex gt 06 and the snow trackers are on them.I just bolted them on(no shimming)stock skies and they are like ridding on rails no darting and easy steering.Check the exhaust doe nuts as they do wear out in time and make it back fire.I have over 6000 mls on mine and love every mile.
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Well worth the money. Go for the extreme model.
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X 3 !!!!!!!

Best $200 ish I ever spent on a sled.

Extremes for an 06 to 10 Apex.
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