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Default 121 to 136

going to turn my 121 apex into a 136, what do i need, do I need to trade my er rear cooler for an attack one? thanks.
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I streathed mine and used 2 6 inch long pieces of aluminium pipe to allow for the extra length. It would look better with the right cooler but that's all I did to make it work. You'll never own a short track again, it's a wicked upgrade. Make sure the extention kit you get allows for the longer hyfax, some keep the regular hyfax and I wouldn't reccomend them.
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thanks duste. i'm into a major overhall including engine work. i think an attack cooler would be the way to go.
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I used muffinworks kit to stretch mine to 144. Best thing I have ever done. A friend also did his to 136 and he is happy....not as happyas me but happy.
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Helped my buddy do his extension kit and it was a breeze. We never had to touch the coolant system at all
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I like to have something back there. if i can't score a cooler i might go with the alunium pipe. thanks all.
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Stretched mine to 144 tip up from muffinworks. The hardest part was putting the new track on. No coolent issues with stock.

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