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First off, I'm not here to bash! My brother is a die hard Yamaha owner and has 2005 and 2007 Apex's. He has had a problem with his batteries in both machines going dead if he didn't put a battery tender on them monthly. The 2007 machine has remote start and the 2005 doesn't. Just looking for any info for my brother since he doesn't go onto this great site.

Thanks guys

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sounds like maybe its drawing power from somewhere? or maybe the batteries are just old and no longer holding a charge? are they original batteries
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So far his dealer has been great and given him a couple of new batteries for each machine at no cost. So both batteries were new last fall.
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I have a 2007 apex gt and i have never had any problems with my battery. It sets all summer and starts right up in the fall. The only thing i have is a electric shield plug wired direct to the battery and that doesnt phase it. It sounds like you have a leak somewhere in the system. Bring the sled to the dealer and have them find it. I dont know if there is a lemon law on sleds but i would ask about that?? JMO
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If you have a volt/ohm meter, you can do a quick test.

Remove the Negative cable from the battery. It must have a charge, best if fully charged, but as long as it will start the sled, you're fine.

Put the meter in AMPS mode. Connect one end to the battery Negative post, the other to the end of the Negative cable.

The meter should read 0 amps. If there is any current draw (non 0), your battery is going to go dead if you don't keep a charge on it.

In old cars (1960's), it was like this, should read 0 amps. In today's cars, you would get a slight current draw, because some power is used to keep some memory alive in the electronics, like radio presets, and keeping a clock going, and some engine management memory. Since we use our cars almost every day, the battery stays charged. Park a newer car for six weeks, and you should not be suprized that the battery is dead without a tender to keep it charged.

Your new sled could also have a slight current draw as well, especially if it has remote start, that circuit may use a bit of power. A service manual would tell you what the 'at rest' draw should be, I would think.

Anything more than an amp or two is going to kill the battery pretty fast. If that is happening, and you have a lighter socket on the sled, disconnect it. They are notorious for getting a short in them I had that experience last year.
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Thanks for the input guys. I will pass the info onto my brother.

Here is to a LONG SNOWY winter for us all.
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I have an 06 apex and an 07 phazer. At the end of every season I have it serviced and then put it away in my garage in April. First snow in December or sometimes January I start them up without ever any problems. I have never even thought about the batteries and don't even know where to find them on the snowmobile. I have 9500 miles on the apex. Sounds like there's a short somewhere...
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same here. haven't touched my batteries on the apex or vector and both started about 3 weeks ago since march.
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The remote start must be draining something or he maybe leaves the key on ?
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The remote start must be draining something or he maybe leaves the key on ?[/b]
I have an 06 Vector and an 06 Apex. Leaving the key on may be the reason. I think, not 100% sure, if you leave the key on and just hit the kill switch; there may be a drain on the battery.

I still have the original batteries in both my sleds and no problems so far.

Mark :beer_cheers:
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