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Default single or dual carbides

I have a 2008 Dragon 700 that darts a little. Which would help eliminate this?

Dual carbides or shimming the skis?
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You compromise cornering doing either. If you are not taking corners around 50+ then get dualies.
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I never liked dualies, they're heavy and I did not find them any better. The dragon should not dart look for other causes.
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I run woodys slim jims 6" 144 studs on my 800 dragon . Love it corners nice.
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Shims affect cornering? I don't think so..... I've never even heard of that claim before.

Confirm your front alignment is right, and try a set of those before spending a lot of money on something else.

The downside to duallies is under some conditions they'll pack snow and ice between them and actually start riding up on whatever they gather between them - lifting the carbide completely up off the surface they should be digging into. Aggressive riders don't/won't use them because of the potential for questionable handling. They work great for guys that mostly cruise.
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I had duallies on my 700 Fusion and originally on my FST, They make it straight as an arrow but cornered terribly which I didn't mind because I could at least control going INTO the corner. I could not STAND the darting when I let off the throttle. Finally spent the $$$ on Bergstrom triple points ski savers and shims on the FST... It's not the same sled. Absolutely, hands down the way to go as far as I'm concerned. Turns in everything (hard pack, powder, or pavement) and virtually eliminates darting.
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I've had duallies before and I feel they're down right dangerous. As stated above they push in the corners. Even worse is sometimes they'll grab and then push making it unpredictable. A sled that skis are properly aligned and possibly shimmed won't dart. Unless it says Yamaha on it!
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I run a Polaris Race ski or you can go with C&A Pro that has a deeper keel and single carbides and that seems to work out good, havent had darting issues.
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Originally Posted by 1shooter View Post
I have a 2008 Dragon 700 that darts a little. Which would help eliminate this?

Dual carbides or shimming the skis?
Why not give Scott Berstrom a call, real knowledgeable guy to talk to and will steer you in the right direction.

BERSTROM Tripple points and some shims and you'll never want anything else, and save yourself $300 on aftermarket skis.

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Oh $h!T, I setteled on ATS Arrow ski's cause I did'n't want to spend the extra $ on Pilot 5.7'.s. I hope they'll be alrght.
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