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is wielding a
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Join Date: Mar 2010
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Current Sled(s): 2002 sx-r 600 ,,,, 1998 T-cat 1004 turbo .
Location: brighton michigan
Favorite Riding Area: lol every flake possible
Age: 37
Riding Since: 2007

Originally Posted by excitabletom View Post
I heard that winter 2012-2013 is predicted to be harsh with double the amount of snow. Start dreaming today!

like that would be difficult to achieve
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Current Sled(s): 11SB6ES
Previous Sled(s): 01XC5SP
Location: Hockeytown, MI
Favorite Riding Area: Seney
14-15 Mileage: 800
13-14 Mileage: 1100
12-13 Mileage: 1075
11-12 Mileage: 975
10-11 Mileage: 1300
Age: 45
Riding Since: '99

Big storm headed our way. It just dropped 14" in AZ............. LOL

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Current Sled(s): 2007 rtx/2005 rx1/1971 3000 jag
Previous Sled(s): 1995 (Modded) Polaris XCR 600
Location: Kalkaska/Mancelona
Favorite Riding Area: Cabin In U.P.
14-15 Mileage: 896
13-14 Mileage: 950
12-13 Mileage: 2200
11-12 Mileage: 4000
10-11 Mileage: 4255
Age: 51
Riding Since: 1967

We went riding a couple years back in April, I'm not counting it out yet
2007 D-14 Motocross 7th in state champion.
2009 D-14 Motocross 2nd in state champion.
1995-2006 Bay Racing champion Motocross.
1998 (Ascra)(Cscra) brimley snowcross champion.
1998 (Avvon) Brimley snowcross dash for cash champion.
my first race back from bad injury
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