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Getting ready to fix the sled and was wondering if anyone new any good snowmobile salvage yards in michigan. im from the grand rapids area, but any salvage yard will work. just thought i would ask cause i know i should get some good answers .
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Try searching, I know I've seen a few threads about this...
but this is the only # I have
EMC Salvage 517-676-0983
That looks like a pic for some alternative lifestyle porn.
Do you visit those sites often??
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Here are a couple of junk yards in Wi.
Arts 715-288-6863
King Blunder 920-563-6895
Snow Shack 715-536-6077
I know they are not in Mi. but i believe they will all ship you the parts. The biggest junk yard i know is haydays in Sept.
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Mickeys Sled Salvage in Midland has everything and he is a good guy to deal with. NO BS. The number is 989-205-0551
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Slicks Salvage in Mason, MI South of Lansing
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There is a new salvage place in Clarksville, about 20 miles east of GR. :div20: It isn't really large, but they may have what you need. It is close by, but open by appointment only right now.

Call Paul at (269) 838-0395

Good luck.

-Les in Clarksville, MI (imagine that)
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The biggest one I know about is the one that's near US-131/142nd Dorr exit. They have everything. They part out probably 2-3,000 sleds per year.

I have the phone number around somewhere. It's just a guy selling parts out of his home, so it's not a full time business. You call them, leave a message with what you want, and if they have it, they will call you back.

My friends and I have bought a ton of stuff from them over the years. From engines to piston/ring kits, shocks, plastic stuff, seats, skis, etc.

The reason is that they used to have people showing up at all hours of the night wanting to "look around" or needed a set of spark plugs.

PM me if you want the number.
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There is a BIG one in MT pleasant...Michigan.
They have all kinds of models all ages....
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Originally posted by natty793@May 19 2006, 04:27 PM
Mickeys Sled Salvage in Midland has everything and he is a good guy to deal with.* NO BS.* The number is 989-205-0551
<div align="right">
[/quote] Mickey. I was looking for a small part there and he couldn't find it. We jumped in his truck and went to his house to take a look there and sure enough he had it. Definitly went the extra mile....literally!!!!

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