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Default Anyone watch Bid and Destroy tv show?

Livingstons bought all the old sleds they found.

Bid & Destroy: The Cash Factory
Premieres Wednesday, October 10, at 9:30 p.m.
Brian, Lee and the rest of Danley Demolition head to Claremont, N.H., to tear down an abandoned paper mill complete with a 16-story metal smokestack. It seems unlikely that there’s any good stuff left in the structures. Fortunately for the Danley crew, though, they find a number of classic snowmobiles, an old voltage regulator, an old Golden Nugget slot machine and an extremely smelly Winnebago (which itself holds quite a few treasures). The team busts a hole in the side of the building to get the RV out, and after flattening the two buildings they set their sights on the smokestack. But there’s a speed bump ahead — the smokestack is thicker than they anticipated and it’s also bolted down with more force than necessary. Now they must get it down — without it falling on anything or anyone — with a giant, satisfying crunch.
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I have seen this episode and I have seen another episode about a house in Manchester. Pretty cool that the show basically takes place in NH and follows around a demo company out of Epping. With that said its basically the same show as NAT geo's Abandoned and I’m fairly certain most of the treasures they "find" are planted there...

On the episode about the house in Manchester, the whole house was ransacked and emptied yet they just so happened to find a pair of 8k$ silver salt and pepper shakers left behind...
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Yea there were no sleds in that building in claremont. It was a bunch of b.s. I personally know the owners of the building. Plus why would there be vintage sleds in a building that was used to make plywood?
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They somewhat salt the areas that are being searched to make it interesting. If this stuff was true nobody would have a job, but would be out there buying storage lockers and stopping at every barn to buy from old farmers. And everyone would be wealthy because of it
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