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Default Mystic Oil

Anyone had any experience with Mystic synthetic snowmobile oil?
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I bought my sled last december and read all the oil threads and the research and results. I zeroed in on mystic 2S synthetic and I love it. Obviously limited experience with it but rode over 1000 miles and went through at least a gallon last season.

Plus, VIP carries it and frequently has gallons on sale for 22 and some change. Just bought 3 gallons in recent sale at L/A VIP's.

edit** should add that I had the sled completely serviced by a local shop in November and all was great (other than replacing two carb boots)

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Ran it in my Pantera a few years ago, and it worked great. Pretty much all my two stroke riding buddies run it with no problems that I know of.
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I know of people that use it. They like it for the price, but they have to clean there exhaust valves more than someone that runs a higher priced synthetic. I am thinking of trying it this year.
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Pretty sure Mystic is Citgo Sea & Snow, Mystic is the full or semi synthetic version. Not bad for the price , you will need keep up on the power valves
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Originally Posted by oldsnowdrifter View Post
Anyone had any experience with Mystic synthetic snowmobile oil?
after reading the "manual" i drained all the oil in the system and replaced it with one brand..sometimes two stroke oils do not mix..did not want another piston failure..just my two cents..and i run mystik in my wife's issues over 7000 miles
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I run Citgo Sea and Snow in my XF800. It's the same as Mystik Sea and Snow. It's a semi syn. 1100 miles last year, no problems and the valves were clean, no carbon deposits. I'm very happy with it. Yamaha also rebrands it as Yamalube. Mystik also makes a full syn. Either way all is good.

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Mystik is a Citgo Brand, and the Sea & Snow is the semi-synthetic and the JT4 is the full synthetic. I have run the JT4 for several years without issue.
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I run XPS Semi in my Etec and Ipone in my SDI
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I have been running wallyworld oil in my 2 strokes I have 9000 miles on 550 fan, 8300 on a 600 liquid, 6200 on a 600 sdi.
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