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hey guys,

my buddy and i tore down the motor of our beater sled (85 yamy 500 srv) after it locking up and found a broken crank :doh: i have heard of bent cranks but never broken cranks. snaped in two where the con. rod connects to the crank. it has 8500 miles and she had been riden hard to say the least. well anyone know of any salavge yards that we could find a used motor for this sled? i know of buxton auto salvage (do alot of business through them) but looking for a few more places to try to track down a running motor. thanks

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doodys sled shop, Caribu
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Originally posted by stevefromwestford@Jan 10 2006, 08:45 PM
doodys sled shop, Caribu
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larry has mostly doo and poo, its worth a shot though.
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kennistons falmouth maine
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wow never even thought of kenistons i must have been there 3 times this year already. Idk he might have one but it seems most of his sleds/crashed are like 1990-2002 range but worth a try.
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Buxton Auto Salvage
1030 Narragansett Trail, Buxton, ME 04093
(207) 929-4574
(207) 929-5792 (fax)
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There's a place in Turner Maine also. I'm not sure of the name but it's right off RT4.
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I bought a new salvage bulkhead and hood and bellys from them ,cheap.
Shipped it right to me.

Not sure they have yammy parts mostly Cat stuff.
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