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You're kind of all over the map here with this argument.

First, I'll repeat; do you have any details about the above incidents and where they occurred. Cause, again, it's the first I've heard of them.

Second, do you live in the Porcupine Plain area, or do you just ride there?
In my years growing up there, I've come to understand that when it comes to the law, there are two types of people; 1) the ones who obey it and have no problems, and 2) the ones who constantly break or bend it, and constantly complain about it.

The bottom line is; I've been sledding up around Greenwater most of this season. I have yet to be stopped or harassed by the cops (not that I haven't seen them, I just haven't been stopped), and those that have been stopped had it coming. I just have a really hard time believeing that the RCMP are as ridiculous as people claim.
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I grew up in porcupine plain and still have lots of family there. The Santa Claus day sleigh ride was shut down by the RCMP. I have a cousin thats in the force, and the guy that shut down the ride was basically the laughing stock of the RCMP. As for the guy on the lawn mower i don"t know for sure. I can say there is much more of a police presents there than there has been for a long time.
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Originally Posted by dookiller View Post
I think you must be one of them. I give up on this topic because I guess only cops are right and the law is the law. We had RCMP in our community since time began and nobody has had problems with any of them until this last batch. I can't wait for them to leave and they probably can't wait to get out either because people wouldn't give these guys the time of day. One lives in Melfort and commutes back and forth. A real community man. One fresh out of Vancouver and doesn't have the slightest clue on how to drive or sense of community. When you can't stand it when people only stop at a stop sign for 2 sec instead of 3 and that warrants a ticket well I think they flew the cookoo's nest. I golf with and promote the RCMP golf tournament at Green Hills and have had the luck of running into previous people who were in our detachment (Yes they did give me fines) and talk about how things are going with them. They were coaching ball, involved in hockey,enjoyed golfing, fishing etc. You knew them by first name and talked to them on the street and had coffee with them. They were always invited to socials and BBQ's etc and appeared in plain clothes. I don't know what one of these guys look like unless they are in uniform. I actually feel sorry for them because they must lead a sheltered life. Kind of like outcasts. Town council agree's that things are a bit excessive and have had meeting with them. I guess I am not the only one noticing mayhem. As for the hayride yeah we all take our baby's and 5 year old's with Santa chugging bottles of whiskey and doing shooters and spraying beer. Thats the small town way no wonder we got stopped. It's all making sense now!!! I guarantee it wasn't anybody local jumping their sled onto a parked car. City idiots I like to call them. That guy obviously didn't come from our rally or our cop sitting at the beer ticket booth before during and after supper missed him. They stopped every body on the rally so I guess if he came from porkys rally they suck at their job. You must think I am a bad guy. A wreckless drunk on the trail but indeed I am not. I am on every board that promotes our community's growth and well being and do all I can ensure safe riding for all who enjoy our trails. Do I have a beer yes. 5 beer no. Common sense is the most important law there is. I guarantee you would rather meet me on the trail than some of the trail wrecking throttle jockeys that come to play on the trails.
I'm a Saskatchewan born farm boy, so I am very familiar with the rural lifestyle. You don't have to be "one of them" to support the police doing the job asked of them by the Saskatchewan and Canadian people.
I don't think you are a bad guy, I don't know you. You're probably a very nice person, maybe just a little misinformed that the old days of drinking and riding are not "cool" anymore. And yes I would rather meet you on the trail because if we get into an accident, a little booze in your system is going to help my lawsuit against you a lot.
Now back to your local Mountie issues. I again assume you can provide proof of the person who got ticketed for stopping only two seconds instead of three at a stop sign? If it actually happened that way I would hope they fought it.
Perhaps the officers who are "not community oriented" just don't socialize with you and your friends and have their own group to hang out with. But if this is a problem, I would imagine you have spoken with the local detachment, the town and RM and your MLA and MP to have these officers removed from your community and they can bring in some more to your liking.... you know the ones that look the other way when they see you.
I find it very sad that by you having a beer while sledding is doing all you can to ensure safe sledding for everyone else on the trails. I'm not sure if you are trying to justify drinking and driving by saying you are on a board for the growth of your community. That doesn't give you a free pass to bend the rules. I suppose the next person killed by an impaired driver will be the police fault too because they didn't do enough/they did too much/they weren't involved in the community/they didn't read the persons mind and stop them from driving......or some other thing to blame them for.
The police can stop me everyday for all I care, even for nothing at all because I follow the rules as best I can. If I have a ticket coming, then I do. If I get one for something I don't feel I deserve then I'll dispute it in court.
Anyway..... please provide some proof of all the examples you gave. I will gladly research them and verify them for the rest of the good folks on here.
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I hate it when people say that the RCMP should enforce every law to the letter.

Every one of those posters here NEVER speed.

ALWAYS have their chin strap done up tight.

NEVER EVER even had one drink in the 24 hrs before operating a motor vehicle.

Two hands on the bars at all times.... With the orange flag on the sled too.

Driving drunk or reckless.... for sure a problem.

One beer at a shack or restaurant? Give me a holier than thou break.

You want to live in a totalitarian society where the law enforcement follows the letter of the law in every situation? Like photo radar every few blocks is ok because YOU don't speed? Or a $1000 ticket for jaywalking because it is against the law?

I support the RCMP. And the Prince Albert and Saskatoon city police departments. But to say blanket statements on the law is the law........ OMG careful for what you really are wishing for.

My 12 yr old rides a 340 Puma and he has his course he took last fall. Legal. My 9 yr old rides an Indy lite. Is he legal? NO!!! But he rides right behind me...Max 30MPH(ok maybe 40) on the lake. Less on the trails. Are you really telling me that me and my 9 yr old are worthy of a fine, confiscation of sleds or even jail time?

C'mon. Law is the law but I support officer discretion.

Think about that next time you coast 32kmh through a 30kmh school zone and get a +$200 ticket.
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cops are fags.
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I'm all for officer discretion, there is a time and place for that. I've gotten my fair share of tickets and warnings. Don't try to change the subject. We are talking about the local RCMP in dookillers area that are apparently trying to make a totalitarian state, yet all the examples provided by him appear to be made up BS to help his internet case.
If they are true, then I think something needs to be done because then all common sense must be gone. BUT if this original post has any merit there must be some proof of these examples and I would hope that the proper steps to complaining about the officer actions has been done.
So don't say I am wishing for a "totalitarian state". I'm saying if you bend the rules, don't expect them to always bend back in your favor.
Your examples of getting sled towed and going 2km over speed limit seem far fetched and have never heard of that happening (at least not on an internet forum).
What insurance does your 9 year old have on the trail? What would you do if a drunk sledder hit him while he was following you? What would you do if he accidently swerved and hit something or someone? What is the liability of that? I love to see kids riding. On high traffic public trails is another thing though.

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I would like to see this attention given to the trails around Regina Beach, Yorkton and especially around Endeavour in a normal snow year. I particularly would have liked the HB RCMP to have given this attention to the trails around HB and Endeavour the weekends of Jan 7, 14, and 21. In particular the 21st, the weekend BEFORE they received a phone call to ramp up action in that area from a cabin owner, and described "biggest piss tank on snow", who had already finished his trip and made sure action was to be taken AFTER he was gone.
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I am 110% with dootalk and indy500canada on this one. Since when is it against the law to have a beer and then operate a motor vehicle? Last time I checked as long as your blood/alcohol level is less then .04%, you are not breaking any law. As for the RCMP, don't even get me started on them. If they invested more of their time in hunting down REAL criminals and less of their time harassing honest, hard working people for little bullshit infractions, the world would be a better place. I also have many examples but I did not document names,birthdates,hair colour,size of boxer shorts,name of pets,likes and dislikes etc etc etc of the people who were given these tickets so I will not bring them up or prairie lariet will be all over me.
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Have I talked with the RCMP about this. Yes. The corporal knows of every ticket that cross's his desk but I am also aware that some of these ridiculous tickets were ripped up after the fact and who know if they ever made it to his desk. The grinch who tried to steal Porcupines christmas obviously never told his superior of this event because in speaking to him he claimed he knew nothing and asked me to explain the details which I call B.S. Either he better get out and talk to citizens and see what is really going on or he was lying and I have no room in my life for people in that authority to lie. I don't mind them doing their job. I know who the people are in my story and I don't need them with their name splattered on the internet to satisfy those who don't believe me. Maybe they are doing their job correctly now as they weren't before by stopping people right at the gas pump at the coop parking there car at the pump as well. Don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that that isn't right. I pull up to get fuel and have to wait for them to finish checking them for ID and filling out tickets etc. Get real this is a place of business and that is what this thread was referring to all along. My first post stated I wanted to make sure their actions weren't hurting business. When asked why they stop them at the pump the reply was that they wouldn't stop for them otherwise. They have snowmachines and they can ride them to do their work instead of relying on local business to hold them for them. They stopped people who just walked out of the bar parked on bar property and poured their beer on the ground. People don't even want to stop at the local bar now and it shows. Why shouldn't you be able to have dinner and a beer and take offsale with you to your destination. Maybe I am missing a law here but how the hell do you get beer to your cabin or motel etc. if you can't haul it on your motor vehicle you are operating at the time. I hope that since talking with them about my own experience with them looking through my eyes has made a difference. Maybe I just put a big target on my back but I am not to worried for I do obey the law. Not to the extent of Mr. perfect but good enough for my community the past 40 years. Yeah deep freeze I know how the system works most of the time. The guys last name is sure sign of trouble LOL HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I was a Police officer for 33 years, on two different Police Services in two provinces, so I know a little about law enforcement. Looks like you have one officer who is being unreasonable and or unwilling to use his head and common sense. It takes no intelligence to read the legislation, seek out any type of violator and prosecute them. A real professional is someone who can asses the situation and use the law as a tool to achieve an end, in this case, that end being safer trails for all of us. Sometimes it means arrest or charges, sometimes it means a warning and sometimes it means just letting it go like you never saw it. I worked with buffoons who would write their own mother for driving across a parking lot without a seat belt, and treat her like dirt when writing her up. Thes guys weren't popular with the other members.
One of the places I worked was a small city on BC. We also had a rural RCMP detachment which we worked with quite often. I found that these "see it and write it" type of officers seemed to exist more often in the RCMP. Because of the nature of the organisation, they knew that they would only be there for a couple of years and would be gone to another posting, so they made no long term investments in the community or in Police-Community relations. Also, they did not have to worry about long term credibilty with the local prosecutors office for the same reasons. They could write garbage charges and move on to the next posting in a year or two with no effect on their crediblty in court.
Also, with most of the Canadian population being urban, most of your recruits are gone to be from Urban areas. A lot of them don't fully understand the dynamics of rural living, and don't care. They are just putting in time til they can transfer out to a larger centre.
Don't get me wrong, all Police services have their disfunctional members, however the culture and structure of the RCMP seems to allow these types to exist at a higher ratio.
Your best plan is to pressure the local detachment commander until the problem officer gets his wish and is transferred away. Then maybe you will get a replacement officer who acts more professionally.
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