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Default Trails officially open in Lanaudière, Quebec (St-Zenon, St-Donat)

Hi Guys

Yes, the last snowfalls made posssible to officially lauch the sled season in the north of Lanaudiere this week . Conditions have been reported particularly good in St-Zenon area and Mastigouche wildlife reserve.

It's a very good news for those of you who plan a trip there on Christmas holidays

I suggest you to follow the progression of the trails opening here on the trail condition section of Lanaudiere web site and check the details in the "notice to users section" :

Trails and Snow conditions - Snowmobile Country in Quebec (Maps, Trails and Snow conditions) - Tourisme Lanaudière

I will report the conditions with a photo-report of my ride this next weekend. Of course, be carefull it's season beginning and the lakes and rivers are not all safe yet.

Enjoy !!!


Here the official presse relesase:

Lanaudière – Snowmobile Country –
announces the opening of its trails!

Rawdon, December 16, 2010 – Winter sports enthusiasts, rest assured that winter is well and truly underway in Lanaudière! Snowmobilers can count on snow-covered trails this weekend in our region! Some 600 kilomètres of trails are already open almost everywhere in Lanaudière, mainly in these sectors:

  • Saint-Michel-des-Saints
  • Saint-Zénon
  • Saint-Donat
  • Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci
Visit for more details about sections of trails that are open.
Buy your access permit from snowmobile clubs in Lanaudière

The excellent condition of our snowmobile trails is often due to the hard work of volunteers from local clubs. When you purchase your access permit from a club associated with the trails that you use, you are helping that club to make top-quality trails available to users and visitors.

To get the latest updates on trail conditions so that you can plan your trip, visit In just a few clicks, you’ll have information on snowmobile trail conditions (updated regularly), and you can consult our all-new interactive trail map, as well as get weather news and vacation package suggestions.

Tourisme Lanaudière reminds you of the importance of driving with due care and respect. Permission to drive on private property is difficult to conserve, and it represents a privilege for users. Respect for property is a gesture that is highly appreciated. For your safety and that of others, it is important to respect signs and markers along the trails.

Snowmobilers, please be alert and safety-conscious! The lakes of the region are not yet frozen over. Look out for, and read, warning panels indicating whether a waterway is safe or not.

- 30 -
Source: Andréanne Beaulieu
Tourisme Lanaudière 450 834-2535 / 1 800 363-2788, ext. 223
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