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Investment is expensive, riding is relatively cheep, maintenance is expensive...

Sledding is not cheep.
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Originally Posted by manotickmike View Post
Pull start :+1:. E start is 102 per hour :joy:. He must be on a budget.
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Originally Posted by MR WEEZ View Post
I did a little experiment this season and kept track of every cent spent on every trip I went on. (because I have that kind of time). From diesel fuel to gas, border fees, hotels, entertainment etc ,etc.. and even counted every can of pop I bought for mix. With the km's I rode and the money I spent I figure it runs me $1.26 per km.
Mine worked out to $1.08 per km. I guess the only thing that helped was that every time we went somewhere, gas and hotel was split and we usually went for at least 4 days once the truck was parked
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