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Default what to do about trespassers?

First off I am a seasoned vintage sled rider for 30+ years but if I could target practice with trespassers legally I would. I just don't get it.

First guy I caught was a local club member cutting a new trail on my property. Some candid words and he left. He is a local club regular who refused to give ID. Got his photo.

Second guy drove right over my No Trespassing sign in front of me. Refused to stop. Got his sled registration numbers via pic.

Third guy was on a side by side and broke through a creek while trespassing and had to leave his machine so I caught up to him the next day when he came back for it.

Fourth guy decided to make new trails. Got his sled in a pic.

Today caught 2 more guys. No valid registration on their machines. No trail passes. Trails are closed anyways. Caught up to them a couple hours later at the local pub and called the cops. Cops love to respond to suspected impaired. They bolted with friends while the cop was inspecting their abandoned machines at the pub. Have a pic of their smiling faces too.

What do I do? Post their pics for a public shaming???? Next fall barbed wire fencing is going up to protect my livestock and property. Not at neck height.

Irks me to no end. The people I catch and talk to think that it is no big deal. The dude on the side by side came in with a big tractor, removed a huge log pile I put up to deter sleds. Drove over another no trespassing sign and snow fence. I have filed complaints with the cops who do nothing.

Next winter will be shotgun toting I think. Would be great if the OFSC would revoke their membership permanently. Oh and these are all 45+ year old men, not stupid teens.
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There's not much you can do. Sell the property is about it and let someone else deal with it. People have an entitled right these days when it comes to land where there's no houses. Sorry to tell you this. But no law enforcement see's it as a problem.

toting a shotgun won't help you at all. You'll end up in jail.

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I would have kept the abandoned vehicle until they came back and repaired the damage. Where is your land and who polices the area
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Put up a fence...
Not much else you can legally do.

Your local police should be able to help you though.
Sounds like the person your dealing with is just being a tool.
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is this for real?????? like where abouts did all this occur, and call yourself the unabomber with 1 new post....and someone drove over your no trespassing sign right in front of you.......like am I being punk'd.......then drove onto your property and over another no trespassing sign and fence with a tractor......please tell i'm wrong, but i feel like i've just read about an episode of the three stooges, and to top it off your're going to do some target practice on these people.....maybe you need to post of a pic of these criminals and their rides.....
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not sure why some folks think I would lie just because it was my first post on this forum! If it was not clear before, all incidents were by different people on different days. Cops caught up to the yahoos from yesterday.

I would have handled this guy differently if it was not -30C out. Gave him 24 hours to get it out otherwise I would have done it.

Seems I dont have enough posts yet to add an image.
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Should have set it on fire.......
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I would have parted it out.
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Manotickmike....believe me I had many ideas on what to do with it. If I felt like freezing that weekend I would have dealt with it. The pic is rather funny when I am able to post it or if you are willing I can PM the link and you can post it.

As I am sure you can appreciate it, the past few weekend have been crazy -30C windchill. He broke through on a Friday nite and spent hours freezing on the Sunday getting it out. What amazed me though when I asked why he tore apart my fencing, barriers and trespassing sign with his tractor he just shrugged.

Since it is easy to see the tracks in the snow, less than 50% of the people turn around at the signs, the rest just drive around.
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I'd be outraged. Charge them the word will get out. The one stuck in the ice would NOT of got his ride back till cops arrived and charged him. Where abouts do you live ?
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