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Default 2013 Yamaha Snowmobile Lineup Unveiled

Model year 2013 marks the beginning of Yamaha's second decade with four-stroke engines powering its line of snowmobiles.

For 2013 Yamaha seeks to bring in new riders. Earlier. Enter the all-new 2013 Yamaha SRX 120, a nifty Yamaha blue kid-sized sled. Powered by a diminutive 123cc Yamaha four-stroke motor (of course!), the SRX 120 gives Yamaha a family presence at its dealerships and revives a famed model name in SRX.

If the SRX 120 seems a bit familiar, it should. The product is a joint effort between Yamaha the engine supplier and Arctic Cat the chassis supplier. Since Yamaha was supplying Cat with the 123cc engines, why not sell more of the 120cc singles by offering a youth sled under the Yamaha banner?

More: 2013 Yamaha Snowmobile Lineup Unveiled on Snowmobile.com
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Yamaha is going to be out of the snowmobile business very shortly if they continue to offer nothing but a rebadged Arctic 120.....


Johnny Skeptical

http://www.yamaha-motor.ca/display.php?idx=12470&model=3147&group=S&PHPSESSID =c3f74aad72893dbb14b28324df409846
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2013 Yamaha's Unveiled!

That's it? Wtf?
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srx 120??? too funny. Guess the value of nice sno scoots will continue to climb.
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IMO they are going to duck out as soon as they run out of parts for the current line up. It's too bad really because they build a quality machine.
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haha what a joke! there only new sleds are a 120 blue arctic skat a few touring sleds with a wider track or a longer track and a nytro xtx with a deeper lug track. i've always like or had yamaha sleds when i did'nt have a polaris but wow what a joke. do these companys not hear us talking? how bout a nytro style chassis with a DI 2smoker, or a lighter nytro that turns. how about hog that 500 motor out on that phazer, im sure they could bump it up to a 550 for a few more HP or put a bigger motor in there. i know i read a few years ago that yamaha could not put two 450 motors to make a 900 but dam do something. or lets try this make a cheaper sled. make a carb vector motor again and do what polaris does with the shift and make a "cheap" full sized sled. as far as everyone saying there needs to be a new sno scoot or 3/4 sized sled i think yes and no. yes because a10year old cant ride a full 600cc sled and isnt really big enough for a full chassis sled yet. but skidoo tryed it with the freestyle 300cc and i thought that was a perfect 3/4 sized sled but it needs to sell for $3000 out the door or you might as well go find a old 95 ovation 340 or puma 340 for your kids to ride for $900 clams till they are big enough to get your old iron and then daddy gets a new sled!
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Same Old sleds..Makes you wonder what the future holds? Yami + Cat??? Yamaha powered AC sleds? They have VG motors...
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I'm jumping ship after 15 years with Yamaha. They've got the motor, but nothing else. To come out with a "new" 120!? You're kidding me! Polaris 600 Switchback Pro here I come. And looking forward to ride something that doesn't weigh the same as my car.
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what did you expect? yamaha now makes about 6000 sleds a year. did you think they would reinvent their product? cat only made 20,000 machines this year. a big jump for them. really not a lot of machines when you think about it. these are north american numbers.

refinements only for quite some time.
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Spam really tastes great on added to anything! Except cheerios....not good.
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