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Default Need help adding electric start to Enticer

I just picked up a 1992 Enticer 2 that does not have an electric starter and I want to add it.

I was actually a little surprised it didnít have e-start. There was a factory option to add the starter and I was hoping to find a detailed parts list, but so far I havenít had any luck locating such a list. Iíve only been able to find the optional kit # 89X-W8180-00-00.

Looking at my í92 Phazerís e-start system as a guide, Iíve come up with the most obvious parts Iíll need:
  • 1. Starter motor
  • 2. Battery
  • 3. Battery tray (I can probably make this myself)
  • 4. Solenoid
  • 5. Ignition switch
  • 6. Harness and/or misc. wiring (I can probably make these too)
Parts I may need:

? Rectifier/regulator? Will I need a different one, or will the one it has work?

? Ballast resistor?

Beyond these parts, Iím not sure, so I wanted to ask someone who knows more about this so I donít miss anything or buy parts I donít need. I hope I donít have to add or change engine parts like flywheel or such?

I was also thinking of a slightly cheaper way:
Keep the original (manual) ignition switch and install a push-button & relay to activate the starter. This would save from having to buy a different ignition switch.

As far as the solenoid, I may have an automotive style one. I donít see any reason why I couldnít use any 12v automotive solenoid so long as I can bolt it down somewhere? A used Yamaha solenoid isnít terribly expensive, but why not save a little scratch where I can?

The charging system is the part I wonít cobble together. I want to keep this as close to factory as possible so I donít fry something down the line.

Ultimately finding the factory parts would always be best and the least headaches; however, finding all those parts is one thingÖ and finding them cheap, can be quite another!

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