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Default Help ID these skis?

My Sled: 1992 Yamaha Exciter 2, 570ES. I have very little information about this sled as far as add-ons and whatnot.

Question: Can someone identify these skis? What kind/type are they? Photo 1 is the broken right ski. Photo 2 is the left.

I know this question isn't exactly specific to a Yamaha as these skis can probably be found on many different sleds... My guess is they are an aftermarket ski since they don't look anything like the factory OEM's.

Anyhow... what do I have here other than a very obvious broken ski? The name on the skis are worn off and I can't quite make it out. Are they even installed correctly? The bottom part of the 'loop' doesn't even bolt onto the front end as you can see on the 'good' ski. It bolts to the skin. Unless of course - someone installed it wrong?

Are they worth repairing and refurbishing? From what I can tell, all they really need is new skins and wear bars. If that loop doesn't need to bolt onto the front of the ski's frame, then I might be able to run them.
I'm also wondering just how much stress goes on the front where it broke? I wonder if it broke because that loop wasn't attached to the main ski?

I am new to sledding, so I don't want to make the mistake of removing parts that might be worth saving. These skis look much lighter than the OEM steel type.


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Huh, never seen a ski like that before. Maybe a USI? Definately not fixable. I'd go with oem skis or C&A. That way carbides are easily found.
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That's exactly what I'm afraid of! I don't know much about skis, but this setup looks awfully "Backyard Joe and a couple of 6-packs" to me?

I could be very wrong though...

Another thought: Could this be someone's attempt at making their own plastic ski? I don't know how long the plastic ski has been around, but I'm guessing they came well after this snowmobile was made on '92. I wonder if someone simply hacked up a regular ski and put it directly onto a skin?



I guess i should have started with the Wife first! She managed to find the name of these skis (we think).

I believe they are EKHOLM skis? And from what I've briefly read, they were more-or-less the first-generation plastic ski? I couldn't find a lot of information about them.
Another forum suggested the place that made them is no longer in the USA and may still be in business, but who knows. They may have been worth something back in the day, but probably not anymore. The skins on mine are shot anyway as well as the tip broken on one of them.

For now I think I will take Ajax's suggestion and stick with OEM's for now. It's not like we're a hot-rodding sled family anyway, so we don't need fancy.. just functional.



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