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Default 1997 Indy 500 - Efi/Carb Build and conversion

Im trying to rebuild the engine in my 1997 indy 500 (carb) with a limited budget. Ive managed to find someone locally who has a 500 efi motor for sale in my budget. Would i be able to switch the cylinders on the efi motor with the ones i have for my Carbed machine then change the fuel pump to the impulse style and have it run properly? Is there anything else i need to take into consideration when doing this? Any input or suggestions will help
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hey brandon. its troy. the local guy with the engine. i was running this engine on carbs already so i have everything you need. basically you need the carb spacers i have to make the 34mm carbs fit the 46mm throttle body boots on the motor and the impulse line drilled out which is already done to this motor. since you have a carbed sled already you should have everything else you need. i called you tonight and left a message so give me a shout when you can.

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Actually you want a set of flanges and 38mm carbs with those efi cylinders. They make a little more hp.
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where did the 34mm carbs come from? The '97 Indy 500 carb had 38mm carbs from the factory...
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Dont the efi engines have bigger intake ports? I would say go with 38mm carbs. More power
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Originally Posted by ewaustin View Post
where did the 34mm carbs come from? The '97 Indy 500 carb had 38mm carbs from the factory...
Some Indy 500 Classics had 34mm carbs btw
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About 7 years ago, I did a similar swap on my '93 EFI Indy 500, I kept the bigger (46mm) boots on the cylinder, and cut/shaved the boots from the 38mm carbs to fit inside the bigger ones on the engine. I used Yamabond #4 sealant, and hose clamped them down.. Then, to match the airbox, I cut the airhorns off the throttle bodies, dremeled them out a tad to make them lightly press fit over the carb inlet "bell" and sealed them on. Still runs good, gets 15 mpg.

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