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Default 1997 Polaris 600 XC triple?


Just looking for any advice I can get. My problem with my sled is that it bogs down at full throttle. It idles like a champ, runs great, but if I keep that throttle down for more than 5-15 seconds it will bog down and not return to normal until I back off the throttle and idle it for a couple of seconds. This is what I have done to try to fix it...

-Cleaned the carbs, put in the proper jets, set the needles, timed the throttle cables by eye, adjusted the air screw one turn out, put new needles and seats in each carb (triple).

I am just not sure what to try next. It feels like a fuel problem, but it maybe and electrical problem as well Im not sure. One other piece of information is that if I take the spark plug wire off the left carb it drops rpms a little bit, if I take the spark plug wire off the middle one it does the same thing, but if I take it off the right carb it will idle all the way down enough to kill the engine. Could it be a going bad coil and its not getting enough spark to run all the fuel it gets at full throttle? Do I just need to get the carbs tuned by a mechanic?

Let me know what you think any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Sounds more like it is running out of fuel at full throttle. Did you make sure the float levels were set correctly when you replaced the needles and seats?
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Check that there isn't something restricting fuel flow (blocked filter in line or screen in the tank, check for a blocked or pinched tank vent line, etc). As far as the idle thing goes, your carb synching is probably just a bit off (provided your compression is all good). How do your plugs look when all this goes on?
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Thank you for your responses. As far as float levels they appeared to all be set the same. The plugs all look pretty good after running it I dont notice that any of them are too wet or too dry.
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have the clutches been cleaned and inspected with new springs? It could be shifting out to quickly and falling out of the power band.

Also do not run a cdi sled with a plug wire off. It can pop the cdi unit

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Sounds like it's running out of fuel to me too. Cracked/broken pulse line (crankcase to fuel pump), blown pump diaphram, plugged fuel filter (can you blow through it?) are the first few things I'd check.
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