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My fathers sled is a 2004 Polaris 550 Fan Super Sport with under 800 miles. We went out on the trails over the weekend and he stated the sled reved high and than died out. He could not get it started on the trail, it would sputter and die right away. this sled has not been riden hard every and always made sure it had enough oil. When he got home I went to take a look at it. I blew into the gas line back into the tank, felt a little resistance, but then air moved freely. I was suspecting a blocked fuel line at first. I tried starting it and it ran, but rough. I found that the cylinder closest to the fan had no power, when the plug wire was pulled there was no change in engine noise, and when the cylinder next to the clutch was pulled with the other on plugged back in it dies right away. So now I know what the problem is, running on one cylinder. When I took that plug out it was dry, when the other cylinder was wet as I would expect. I took the the fuel lines off each carb, one at a time and gas was flowing freely.

Today I ran a compression check and found the problem cylinder had a low 88psi and the good one a normal 120psi. I pulled the air box and carbs. I took the problem cylinder carb apart and it looked OK. the float moved up and down fine and the needle valve was operating O, and the jets were clean. When looking into the cylinder I could see the piston is scored. I reassembled the carbs but switched them around to try and rule out a carb problem. Now it ran on both cylinders, but weak on the fan side, probally due to the low PSI and needing new rings and whatever else. So the carb I though might have been bad was working fine on the clutch side and the carb that I knew was OK was working on the fan side, just weak probally due to the low PSI.

My question is this. I figure that the piston is scored due to no gas/oil flowing into that cylinder while trying to run it, but why would I not be getting any fuel into the cylinder. The gas tank was drained down and the bottom looked clean, and the screen in the bottom of the tank was intact. I was ecpecting to find a dirty carb, but that looked OK too. I know I have to at least rebuild that side, but I don;t want to do it until I have found out what the problem was to begain with.
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those 550 engines had a lean condition at slow speeds - take alook at ur needles and nozzel jets - the updated needles #3131592 and ur nozzel # is nj480q4 - if u dont have these in there now i would change them
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That motor has a lot of problems with mid-range. I had a 04 Supersport 550 and blew the motor twice. The second time was only 400 miles on it. The piston skirt brakes off a lot. There is an issue with air bubbles in the oil line that Polaris has an oil bleed kit available.

Here is some other thread about this:

This one is a long read but a lot of info:

Good luck with it. I gave up and traded mine in this season.
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A lot of good information there. I hate to say between me and my father we own 4 550's, a 2001, 2 2004's, and a 2005. It looks like I will be installing some oil pump kits and home made heat sheilds to all the the sleds and one new top end. I can't wait to tell my father that riding them a hard is the best thing for them and not to ride a steady 30mph!
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Those early 550 did have a lean spot in the middle,which is where most of them are driven at at trail speed.
There was a up date for the carbs from what I Remember. I have not heard much about them taking the skirts off ,that is often caused by improper warm up.
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Gotta ride these sleds hard. They dont get enough air under the hood and overheat. I leaned out the carbs on mine. Including the needle. 3500 miles and never a problem. They need to be run hard, and faster than 25 mph.
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I went to the dealer today and told them about the information I found out here. They were very well aware of the problem, and they were working on one at this time. I bought the parts to upgrade the carb and oil pump, it was 3 part numbers and a totla of 5 parts per sled. I have 3 of the 550's within the problem years, it was $276 for all three. I will be taking the cyclinders of the bad sled to the machine shop tomorow to get bored out. I was orginally plannng on going north this weekend, but my father is afraid of blowing another sled, since the other 2 have about 100 miles less than the one that blew. I will try and convinc him to go and just be active on the throttle, but we wll see, I would hate to have to replace another top end if it can be prevented by waiting unitl I get the parts in.
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Put the upgraded parts on another sled that you have and let him ride that one.
Riding an AXYS, pure adrenalin!
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Thats the problem I will not have the parts for a week for any of the sleds, but I'm not too worried about it. It would be nice to get out this weekend, if no no big deal.
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