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Any one out there have any solutions to remove the chain case cover easily on a 2000 700 xc Deluxe you can't eaven fit a wrench in to get the bolt on the bottom at the back out it took me nearly an hour just to get the cover off and it is leaking now so I have to take it off again to replace the gasket.
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Did you take off your pipes and stinger? If not, do it and you should be able to get to that bolt.
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1/4" air ratchet! I just did a track on my edge with chaincase reverse. after takeing the pipe and can out it may take 10 min to get off ..... 1/4" with swivels and extenchions is the only way and still keep you hair in!
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Yeah I took the exaust off. It is just the last bolt in the bottom towards the back. You cant even get a elbow swivel on a ratchet to work. I am thinking I should just drill a hole in the side and prevent the headache of taking the last bolt out cuz it is a pain in the ass.
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just did mine on the weekend, yes it is a little hard.
i used a u-joint socket and ratchet.
i always use red silicone when i put it back together.
seals up good. :div20:
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