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Just got back from the dealer. Was looking for the front grease fitting on the front shaft which attaches the skid to the tunnel. It was there on the 440 race sled but it is not on any 2004 models. Anyone know why ski-doo did not include it on the 2004? How did they seal the shaft to keep the water out?

Anyone else concerned about this?
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on my 04 adrenaline i took the skid out and greased the 2 bushings and the reinstalled . its not a full tube where the bushing are .
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I gotta take a look at mine.
That's bovine excremate not to have zerks on the suspension pivot points.
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They changed the location of the skid frame mounting points for 04. Instead of redesigning a new arm in the front mounts they added two new mounting points while the old one still remains. Now you don't have an aluminum shaft that runs from one side to the other, you have to independant ones. And yes their is no way to grease them since they failed to provide a grease zert here. The rails are different as well. If you try using last years rail extension kit from tracks usa they won't work. Tracks usa is working on a new one for the 04's, but my buddy is still waiting for his.

Good luck boys.
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