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Default Paypal accounts,do we have to pay a fee

Anyone ever have to pay a monthly fee to pay pal,as it is they get a percentage to see all items,like 2.7% for my motorcycle,and it sounds like they are now asking for a monthly fee,anyone else ever pay a fee??
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I never paid a fee except for when I sold something & accept a credit card for payment from the buyer.
I have used it a lot but
do not keep money in there though or use it like a bank or have any of their banking services ie debit card etc.
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i never paid a fee

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they have a few different account levels. some require a small monthly fee and they charge less per transaction so if your using it a lot it makes it cheaper, other accounts are free but if soemone sends you money for say something on here and you dont send it as "personal" than they charge fees but take it right out of what they sent you. if your being charged a monthly fee call them and ask why. i was doing a lot of ebay stuff for a couple months and they automatically upgraded me to save me money but i called and asked them to change it back because i use it in spurts not all the time and they did no problem. if your EVER questioning a fee or transaction call them directly, there is WAY to much internet fraud and even if your only worried about a buck call them because if someone tests the waters and gets a buck that means they have access and can take it all! i second the comment above about not using it as a bank, there have been many cases you can read about where people had money "dissapear" and couldnt figure it out. if someone sends you money, immediatley transfer it to your bank and get it off there site.
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