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Anyone know how to remove the seat on my panther? i was thinking about making a shorty seat for while i have my 2 up seat recovered.
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Most of the 90's cat seats unbolted from the bottom (inside the tunnel). Looks like the parts diagram for the Panther 440 shows the same.
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If this is like my old ZR's and ZL's the seat and the fuel tank are one. This means you'd need to empty the gas tank and then remove the whole thing as one piece. I've done it before and it wasn't that bad but still a bit of a pain in the butt.
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^^yeah, i hate doing it, think i'm gonna cut the plastic under the seat away from the tank but leave a little excess, then bolt the front of the seat down, and the back of the tank. i think undoing 4 bolts will actually save time and effort.
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K, if thats the case this will be a summer job, i think i can deal with a torn up seat for the rest of the season.
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