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Do you think bringing back the Lynx name is a little jab at BRP for thinking of bringing over the European Lynx's sleds?
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Went completely over the procross yesterday and every frame bolt needed to be turned at least 2 full turns . Most of the clamps Needed to be tightened turbo hose rubbing on the hood etc, looked at my f1000 as well and all I can say is still as tight as the day I got it in 08, arctic cat are you listening?? I guess not
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This a typo or what?

7000 C-TEC4 Engine

Arctic Cat 2015 ZR 7000 RR

This turbo produces an industry-leading 177 HP at any altitude. The response is instant. Power delivery is smooth. Electronic fuel injection means starting your sled will be effortless, even at the highest elevations and coldest temperatures.
Jeff B In Maine

"We don't quit playing because we grow old, we grow old because we quit playing."
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