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What was everyone approx getting for mileage on the f5? My buddy that has a F7 wants one for the wife but was curious if it was as good as the f7. I doubt it is but would like to know - thanks
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On my F5, I average about 16mpg. I once got 12mpg on a tank too, but I wasn't driving nice.
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It really isn't much better than any other sled out their. I once used more fuel after 100 miles than my dad's 800. I would get around 155-175 miles to tank. Never really took it past 140 though.
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Depends on how the sled is ridden.If I'm out cruising with my father I get about 15 mpg,if I'm off trail and riding hard I'm lucky to get 75 miles to a tank or 8 mpg.
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my f7 gets about 9 mpg with the way i ride. Once you get offtrail it drops to about 7 mpg.
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15-16 Mileage: 800
14-15 Mileage: 495
13-14 Mileage: 2100
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Running and driving the sled aggressively, we get a consistent 12-13 mpg without even trying. If you backed off playing on the banks and in the play areas (yeah, right!) you can get 15+ mpg,,,really! snap
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I get between 11, and 13 mpg with mine.
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If I am out cruising the nicely groomed trails up north I get about 17mpg, but if I am playin in the powder and just messin around like i usually do, I get about 12mpg
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16-17 Mileage: 1300
15-16 Mileage: 850
14-15 Mileage: 1900
13-14 Mileage: 2000

I was getting between 13 and 16 mpg last year.
Like red said, if I'm out cruising with the old timers, I can get great mileage.
It drops off, though, if you beat on it or if you let your cables stretch out :doh:
Gabe out.
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14-15 Mileage: 1377
13-14 Mileage: 1850
Age: ?
Riding Since: 1998

12-13 on mine
14-15 on the wifes
Depends what you do with the throttle-Sitting back and cruising 14-15 is pretty simple
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