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I bought my F7 in the end of Decemeber. The speedometer hasn't worked since new. First the mechanic checked the magnet and its not broke or anthing and the connection down by the speedo pickup. They then ordered a speedopickup which showed up the other day. The mechanic replaced that with no fix. He compared how far the magnet is set out compared to another one and it seemed to be the same. He was calling AC today to see if he can get any specs on that. The other thing is he checked that continuity sorry about the spelling on the harnesses. The hood harness seems to be fine but the one from the hinge point to the pickup the red wire shows no connection. They don't have a wiring harness diagram to check this out on either but he is starting to wonder if the harness is broken. He was also goign to try taking the guage out of another one and see if that fixed it. Both him and I are getting a little frustrated with this.

A little background the tach works both on the digital display and on the needle. Also the odometer shows .5 miles but thats it. Anyone else have these problems and what there solution was or have any ideas testing procedures any help would be great.
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I have had the same problem with my F5. No speedo, tach works in both modes. Dealer is waiting for service manual. Sled runs great otherwise. I will let you know if I find something. Seems like it could be something simple, missed connection etc...
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you need to have your mechanic remove the magnet and check the strength of the magnet, i've also come across weak magnet's and i've also found magnet's with washer's behind them , which places the magnet to close to the pickup and results in no signal pulse to the speedo. He can test the system with a magnet that you would use to find lost bolts under the engine and so on, by spining the magnet around the inside of the pick-up while the machine is running which would mimic the effect of the spinning driveshaft.
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No dealers have the service manuals yet. There is a copy of the wiring diagram in the race manual. Order a race manual and then take it to your dealer so he can read your wiring diagram. Or better yet, try taking it to a dealer that is a little more up to date.
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