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So i'm kinda happy because I pulled the head off the old F7 and found bad o-rings and coolant in the cylinders.

This should explain the overheating and heavy pull over at the end of last year.

Now with the head off and lightly pulling the engine over coolant comes out of the ports and squirts out of the cylinders.

Should I take the cylinders off too?

What else do I need to do from this point to dry stuff out?

There also seems to be some deposits in the head in the coolant chambers.How should i clean this out?
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well i hate to say this but, if its comin out like that your gonna have to go down to the bottom cause coolant is below also now.....and check the water seal...i think the ones with aluminum ridge around it leaked....your gonna have to tear her all down
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at the very least you need to do a top end gasket kit, so yes pull off cylinders. determine were the leak is into the motor. I would be concerned if and how long antifreeze has been leaking into the crank case as well, maybe crank should be rebuilt??
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Antifreeze corrodes crank bearings, you need to totally rip the engine down and inspect for rust/corrosion.

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Wait its bad to have coolant in the heads? Cause on my ZRT 600 I took the heads off to paint them and replaced the o-rings while I was at it, and I used a broken torque wrench that at the time I didnt know was broken, and it broke the head bolt off so I had to take it all back off and pull the head bolt out, so once I got it out I put all the bolts back on tight. Even tho I had the one head bolt out filled up the coolant and it was coming out of the opening where the head bolt was... is that a normal thing or is it like his? I didnt see any coolant on the inside of the heads when I took them off, just when I had to put it back on.
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Antifreeze corrodes crank bearings, you need to totally rip the engine down and inspect for rust/corrosion.

if this happened end of last yr and it was leaking into the cyl you can kiss your crank bearings goodbye! definately pull the cyls off and look down into the case to be sure the water level didnt get up to the bearins but ill be willing to bet theres rust down there, and a pitted crankbearing is very bad cause it will run but it will come loose out on the trail and probably destroy the motor.

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i've run engines before after a summer of coolant unknowingly sitting in the case. the engines survived fine and crank bearing were fine too. coolant can eat them away but my experience has been ok with leaving them in. probably best to replace them but it's not always in everyone's budget, and i took the risk a few times and won. when you have the cylinders off look at them the best you can to see any damage. somtimes a good oil that is really sticky can save the bearings and disapate the water.
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