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This is for all you polaris bashers and hardcore AC riders. I thought it was pretty funny since I had an XC600 last year...

Q: Why are polaris snowmobiles and babies alike.
A: They both love rattles.

Q: How do you get a polaris rider exited.
A: Tell them their sled is ready for pickup at the repair shop.

Q: Why did the ski doo burn its belt up.
A: From towing 7 polaris sleds at one time.

Q: How do you make a polaris go fast.
A: Tow it behind a ski doo.

Q. How Do You Make a Polaris rider happy?
A. slip an arctic cat or ski doo engine under his hood, and switch suspension from bogie wheels to some suspension that real men use!

Q:What do you call a polaris on a lake?
A: A summer submarine

Q: What do you call a polaris that runs.
A: A mirical

Q: Why do people buy polaris snowmobiles.
A: It gives them an excuse to stay in the house.

Q: What do you call a Polaris on the trail
A: An obstical

Q:what do you call 100 polaris snowmobiles and owners stranded on the ice in march?
A: A reproduction of the titanic

Q:What is a polaris snowmobile owners favorite season?
A: Summer then they dont have to work on the sled

pull Off Lake And Replace In Spring

Pissed Off Losers Are Rolling In Snow

Push Off Lake And Retail In Salvage
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